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Platform Group's Park Circle Skatepark Flythrough


Park Circle, an up-and-coming neighborhood situated in North Charleston, South Carolina, is becoming well known for its vibrant and rapidly evolving urban area. This region has become a hub of active park spaces and culturally rich shops, dining, and nightlife, making the need for a skatepark essential to add to its variety of experiences.

Leading the local advocacy group, Shawn Leberknight spearheaded Park Circle Skate, aiming to advocate and educate the local recreation departments about the importance and need for a well-designed skatepark. They successfully secured a design grant from Plant-A-Park, a nonprofit organization which helps fund and implement the initial design process for skateparks. This allowed Shawn and Park Circle Skate to collaborate with the skate committee, manage public input, and contribute to the design development of their new skatepark.

Additionally, Platform Group donated the concept design services you see here. The proposed site for their future skatepark fell within two city jurisdictions within the greater Park Circle neighborhood area, North Charleston and Hanahan. It was a beautiful process, with both cities expressing interest and joining forces to create a proper skatepark, which has established a more promising prospect for this project to come to fruition. We're excited to share the concept created in partnership with Park Circle Skate, Plant-A-Park, and both cities, North Charleston and Hannahan.
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