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We write about and film all kinds of stuff that excites us like skatepark design, construction, and event execution.

Deerfield Beach Design


June 2022: Take a look at Tito's design option for a proposed Deerfield Beach skatepark. He discusses all the extras to consider like landscaping, line of sight, and more. Deerfield is Jamie Foy's hometown.


May 2022: Tito and Rob Meronek chat about the custom design and build for the Zumiez 100k mini-ramp. The Boardr was also on site to attend this annual event that gets the biggest names in the skateboarding industry together once a year in Keystone, Colorado.


April 2022: Tito recently drafted up a course design for the 7 Generations Cup event that The Boardr is helping to execute in Canada in early June. Catch up with Tito and Rob for a discussion on design thoughts.

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