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We write about and film all kinds of stuff that excites us like skatepark design, construction, and event execution.

Greenwood Lakes Public Input Meeting Results


Platform Group conducted a community input survey for Greenwood Lakes, New York. Results are included here.

Aurora Public Input Meeting Results


Platform Group conducted a community input survey for the City of Aurora, Illinois. Results are included here.

Platform Group's Park Circle Skatepark Flythrough


Park Circle, an up-and-coming neighborhood situated in North Charleston, South Carolina, is becoming well known for its vibrant and rapidly evolving urban area. This region has become a hub of active park spaces and culturally rich shops, dining, and nightlife, making the need for a skatepark essential to add to its variety of experiences.

A Conversation About Micro Skateparks and Design Considerations


Platform Group and Bldrs.La designed and built a Micro Park for APB in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our lead Designer, Tito, discusses the process and challenges with designing in small spaces.

Testing Out Our New Portable Skateboard Ramp


We just unboxed a new toy that we're super excited about. This mini-ramp can be set up quick and easy at any event in various widths from 8, 16, and 32 feet wide. It's 5 feet tall with 7 foot transitions and 10 feet of flat. Today we ran through some tests to get a feel for setting it up for the first time. Next up is layering it in @skatelite then it's on the road to a town near you. How about we set it up for an afternoon in your backyard?!?!

A Design and Build with Woodward and BLDRS


We recently had the pleasure of working with Mike Roebke of BLDRS to design and build a new street course at Woodward Skate Camp.

A Design Process Chat with Tito


Tito and Byron recently worked on rethinking the park design for Deerfield’s Johnie McKeithen Park. We caught up with Tito for a quick conversation about some of the things to consider in the early stages of design like this.

Discussing the Draft Skatepark Design for the City of Marathon, Florida


December 2022: Platform Group is designing a new skatepark for Marathon, Florida. This little town in the Florida Keys is a global fishing and nature destination, soon to be getting the Tito treatment with this draft design we’re discussing here to kick off the public input meetings. What an excuse to get to the Keys!

Deerfield Beach Design


June 2022: Take a look at Tito's design option for a proposed Deerfield Beach skatepark. He discusses all the extras to consider like landscaping, line of sight, and more. Deerfield is Jamie Foy's hometown.

Zumiez 100k From Design to Execution


May 2022: Tito and Rob Meronek chat about the custom design and build for the Zumiez 100k mini-ramp. The Boardr was also on site to attend this annual event that gets the biggest names in the skateboarding industry together once a year in Keystone, Colorado.

7 Generations Cup Design Classic Street Course Design


April 2022: Tito recently drafted up a course design for the 7 Generations Cup event that The Boardr is helping to execute in Canada in early June. Catch up with Tito and Rob for a discussion on design thoughts.

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